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Ai Fuin - Nature and Relaxation

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The days of music: Music always makes a meeting, a stay, a trip pleasant. At “Ai Fuin”, among woods, vineyards, walks, music is essential to complete a week of rest. In August it is possible to listen to some concerts of pop and jazz music. The members of the “Evergreen Jazz Group”, in particular, will be happy to perform for you pieces of Ellington, Gershwin, Chick Corea, etc.

Im August ist es möglich, einige Pop- und Jazzkonzerte anzuhören. Die Mitglieder des “Evergreen Jazz Group” werden besonders froh sein, Musikstücke von Ellington, Gershwin, Chick Corea, etc. für die Gäste auszuführen.

Decoupage:Besides the music, there is a bit of painting using the decorative technique of decoupage. You can decorate objects of wood, metal and glass. This can be a lovely memory, a bit different from the usual, to go home after a stay.

Ms. Monica, the teacher, got her diploma at Istituto Statale d’Arte “B. Alfieri” in Asti and, after having attended some specialisation courses in Alessandria, she has produced several pieces of great value, such as mirrors, watches, centrepieces, pictures and many other objects. Thanks to her help, during your stay at “Ai Fuin” you can familiarize yourselves with vinyl glue, rice paper, glossy, flat or glazed varnishes, or with crackle and gold dust. In a word, a relaxing holiday in the countryside where you can create something new and unique.

Officinal, aromatic and wild herbs When you speak about nutrition, you can not forget the importance of the officinal and aromatic herbs, both cultivated and wild. The wild herbs which can be harvested during the spring in grasses, fields and vineyards are always used at “Ai Fuin” in the kitchen to prepare delicious omelettes, excellent decoctions, etc. During the winter we speak about these herbs, we exchange recipes, etc. and then finally, during the spring and the summer, we can harvest and taste them.

Agricultural techniques using biological methods:The biological agriculture is a type of agriculture which considers the whole agricultural ecosystem, uses the natural fertility of soil improving it with limited interventions, promotes the biodiversity of the environment where it works and excludes the use of synthetic products and genetically modified organisms.

The correct nutrition, the genuineness of products, the respect of the environment around us are fundamental elements to improve the quality of life. The respect for health and the consciousness that it is the most precious thing we have are the basic thoughts of the meetings organised at “Ai Fuin”. The biological agriculture represents, in fact, the will to avoid negative impacts on the environment for what concerns pollution of water, ground and air.

Vine cultivation using biological methods: A pleasant holiday at “Ai Fuin” can be the occasion to know which are the works that local farmers have carried out for ages in order to produce high-quality and excellent wine. The main cultivation in the Monferrato area is the vine growing, in particular of Barbera and Grignolino. We suggest you spend some time with us in the vineyards to really appreciate the products of this extraordinary plant and to know the rural work and culture which are the basis of the wine production. It is possible for you to watch the winter pruning operations and then the land working at the end of the winter, or the works during the spring and the summer such as the green pruning until the grape harvest in autumn. You can understand many fascinating and authentic things by sometimes spending a day with the farmers. We believe it is a fortune to understand them.

Tibetan Yoga Another important element to deepen subjects like health, harmony and balance is the knowledge of Tibetan Yoga techniques. Millenary studies in harmony with nature have brought to a great knowledge. Its application is useful for us to avoid stress, malaise, etc. We can do so much for our mental and physical health. The teacher, Ms. Mirna, from “Studio Rebis” gives us the chance to know and deepen both the theoretical and the practical sides through sittings, courses and lessons.

Feng-Shui “Wind and Water”, this is the meaning of “Feng-Shui”, two natural elements which express energy and movement and which determine with their flow the characteristics more or less healthy of a particular place. The “Feng-Shui” describes, analyses, interprets and uses the movement of energy. This ancient oriental art has had during the millenniums different applications and is a great resource to live in harmony with nature and with oneself. In our society and our culture of “ephemeral” things and “crazy race”, the knowledge of this philosophy can help to find the power of one’s own identity and the sense of balance. Courses will be held on two levels and will describe its application for what concerns health, job, home, garden, etc. Events will take place from March to November with a minimum number of participants (from six to ten until a maximum of twenty, according to the events). In order to organise them, we ask for your participation one month before your arrival. It is possible to taste our products and, if you want, you can taste them directly at “Ai Fuin”: in fact, the use of the kitchen is available on request. The biological farm can offer: fresh products from the vegetable garden, grapes, wine, chickens, rabbits, eggs. We also give you the possibility to use our bicycles.